The Argentine Association of Hyperbaric Medicine and Research (AAMHEI) was present at the XVIII Burns Congress, which was held from September 11 to 13 at the Tourism Hotel Casino in the city of Corrientes.

In the event, important topics were developed on the problem in the care of burned patients in each region of the country, updates and advances in clinical and surgical treatments, kinesic rehabilitation, surgical instrumentation, and psychology. This was done through round tables, conferences, workshops, and workshops.

The president of AAMHEI, Dr. Mariana Cannellotto, participated in the round table “Inhalation Syndrome”, in which the difficult airway, the use of hyperbaric oxygen in burns and traumas and toxicology in events with multiple victims were discussed.

On the other hand, the director of the AAMHEI Surgery and Burns Commission, Dr. Mercedes Portas, participated in the symposium of radio induced lesions. There he presented the evidence of the use of hyperbaric oxygen in radio lesions, collected at the Hospital de Quemados in Buenos Aires. The presentation was made through dissertations and poster.

The XVIII Argentine Congress of Burns was a pleasant exchange opportunity between different Argentine health professionals. The AAMHEI thanks the organizers for the invitation and the opportunity to disseminate the applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in burned patients.