Dr. José Luis Decima, Minister of Human Development of the Province of Formosa, and Dr. Esteban Estrada, Director of the High-Pressure Committee of the Argentine Association of Hyperbaric Medicine and Research (AAMHEI) evaluated the latest technologies available in the Argentine market 100% national origin with authorization from ANMAT.

The objective was to establish a cooperation program to develop training sessions and scientific exchange with the AAMHEI in Formosa, as was previously done in the First Hyperbaric Medicine Conference in Bahía Blanca.

Both Dr. Decima and Dr. Estrada have worked to strengthen the presence of the AAMHEI in Formosa and to include the Province in the association’s agenda to bring the knowledge and benefits of the treatment of hyperbaric oxygenation to its professionals. doctors

As a demonstration of this commitment, on October 19, Dr. Marianela Di Tomaso, a specialist in medical clinic and diabetes of Formosa, will participate in the II Conference on Hyperbaric Medicine to be held in Paraná, Entre Ríos. The intervention of the doctor will focus on Hyperbaric Medicine as an experience in the High Complexity Hospital.

In this way, AAMHEI continues to strengthen ties with professionals and public health institutions to dedicate itself to the development, growth and medical research in the field of hyperbaric medicine with the incorporation of new technology.

The AAMHEI is a professional, scientific, non-profit organization that includes professionals from different medical specialties, national and international, with knowledge in hyperbaric medicine and/or with the intention of seriously working in it with ethics and professionalism.[:]