On February 20th and 28th it was held the first AAMHEI training so far this year. The meeting took place at the Arturo U Ilia Quemados Hospital, located in Buenos Aires.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Mercedes Portas, head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Coordinator of the Hospital’s Committee of Radiopathology, and brought together 38 health professionals (nurses, doctors and biochemists).

The biochemist Liliana Jordá Vargas spoke about the Fundamentals of Hyperbaric Medicine and explained to the attendees the benefits of incorporating hyperbaric oxygenation treatment into their professional practice.

The meeting took place in the framework of the acquisition of a new unit of hyperbaric medicine with which the hospital will develop protocols and research on the effects of HBOT as a coadjutant for burns.

The 38 professionals received certification from the AAMHEI.